Cristo Rey Dallas College Preparatory School

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Fine Arts

Aesthetic Literacy  1 Students will develop entrepreneurial habits of mind (observe, envision, reflect, persist, express, understand, and explore) through art. Students will grapple with two main ideas: the importance of the image and the importance of the creative process.
Music Appreciation and Performance 1 Students will  gain an understanding of the elements of music, develop an understanding of basic music performance and theory, develop critical listening skills, and recognize the main historical periods and composers. These skills will allow students to use music to inspire critical thinking, creative problem solving, and self expression.
Theatre Arts 1 This course is designed to introduce students to many of the facets of the theatre arts through their own artistic journeys as actors. Through the use of methodology, rehearsal, and performance they will gain personal confidence and the ability to make artistic choices that are unique, strong and specific to their character role and in harmony with what the playwright has written.