Cristo Rey Dallas College Preparatory School

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Integrated Math I 1 Students will focus on algebra, linear and exponential functions, sequences, systems of equations, descriptive statistics, and introductory geometry.
Integrated Math II 1 Students will prove statements and theorems using logic, algebraic properties, and geometric properties and definitions. Students will extend their understanding of the number system to include rational numbers, irrational numbers, and complex numbers (real and imaginary numbers) as they extend their understanding of linear equations and learn about quadratic functions.
Integrated Math III 1 Students will synthesize and apply their learning of previous courses. Students will further develop their understanding of linear and quadratic functions. Students will then expand their understanding of the family of functions to include polynomials, rational, radical, exponential, and trigonometric functions.
Pre-Calculus 1 Students will learn about various functions, including polynomial, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions. Students will also be introduced to many other topics including complex numbers, vectors, parametric equations, polar coordinates, probability, sequences, and series, as time permits.