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Social Studies

World History 1 Students will explore history thematically to understand trends that have shaped the modern world. Students will use the SPICE framework (Social themes, Political themes, Interactions between Humans and the Environment, Cultural themes, and Economic themes) to analyze historical events and trends.
AP World History 1 In this college level course, students will research and analyze cultures that have shaped the modern world. Students will explore topics beginning with the advent of civilization in Mesopotamia to modern day. Ultimately, students will grow in their understanding of the world around them. Students will develop and apply a variety of written and verbal skills in order to interact with the material and prepare for the AP exam.
US History 1 Students will delve into the rich history of our nation. Topics will span from the colonial period to the civil rights movement. Students will be challenged to think critically about the people, events, and cultures that have shaped our nation. Students will also be able to make connections between history and the modern world.
AP US History  1 AP U.S. History covers the spectrum of American history from pre- Columbian days to the present. Using chronological and thematic approaches to the material, the course integrates extensive primary and secondary sources. An emphasis is placed on close reading and writing to to develop analytical skills and prepare for the AP examination.