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Father Joshua Whitfield

Father Joshua J. Whitfield
Pastoral Administrator, St. Rita Catholic Community
Fr. Joshua J. Whitfield is the Pastoral Administrator of St. Rita Catholic Community in Dallas. Unlike most Catholic priests, Fr. Whitfield is married with children. A former Episcopal priest trained for ministry in England, after his conversion to Catholicism, he was ordained a Catholic priest through the Pastoral Provision of Pope Saint John Paul II in 2012. He and his wife Alli live in Dallas with their four children: Maggie, Peter, Zoe-Catherine, and Bernadette. Originally from Glen Rose, Texas—the son of a football coach—he’s an alum of Texas Tech, the University of Leeds, and Duke University. He’s also the author of Pilgrim Holiness: Martyrdom as Descriptive Witness (Wipf and Stock, 2009) as well as Catholic Preaching in Crisis: A Road Map to Renewal (Ave Maria Press, 2019). He is also a regular contributor to the Dallas Morning News.