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At Cristo Rey Dallas, retreats are not in addition of the education of our students, but central to it.  Retreats give us the “why” behind the “what” of our school, they give us time to step back and make sure we each have our own lives and faith lives in a place where we can then offer them fully in our studies and formation, and honestly they simply give us a break to focus more directly on Christ.

Since retreats are so central to our school culture we expect all students to be present to the experience both by attending the retreat, and also by participating in the activities as fully as they are able.  This involves coming with an open mind, welcoming challenges as opportunities, and limiting distractions while on retreat.

Our retreat program combines the interests of our students, expertise of our staff, the guidance of the Campus Ministry Team, and the spirituality of the School Sisters of Notre Dame.  With all of these groups coming together we offer the most relevant and spiritually fulfilling retreat program in any high school across the nation.
2016-2017 Retreats:
Women and Girls
Food Justice
Freshman Retreat
Sophomore Retreat