Cristo Rey Dallas College Preparatory School

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Service Program

Ultimately, all of the faith at Cristo Rey Dallas would be fruitless if it didn’t lead to a difference in our lives and community.  An attitude of servant leadership is the distinguishing characteristic of a member of the Cristo Rey Dallas community.  This attitude flows from a recognition of the blessings that we have received, and is the first step in sharing those gifts with those around us.  Members of the Cristo Rey Dallas community are expected to serve each other in the school, to serve the neighborhood, and to serve the world.

We at Cristo Rey Dallas do things differently sometimes.  There are definitely benefits to a typical service program that consists of a certain number of required hours before graduation; however there are also reservations.  Ideally serving our neighbor is something we do habitually and asking for nothing in return.  Upon graduation students are no longer required to participate in service activities, but the Call to Service exists nonetheless.  We build a culture that teaches this Call to Service fromt he very beginning.  

Since this attitude is such a major piece of our school culture, there are no specific requirements for service hours or activities.  This comes with the assumption that students will live lives of service and make the most of the opportunities that are presented to them throughout their time at Cristo Rey Dallas.  Whether it is holding the door for a guest, volunteering for a city-wide service project, or creating an organization designed to meet an unmet need in our community; students at Cristo Rey Dallas know that there is an expectation to serve that comes both from our faith lives and from being a member of the Cristo Rey Dallas community.